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LED - Light Emitting Diode

СLight emitting diode LED gave the world new high- quality light source -

Event, equal in importance to the invention of the steam engine, the incandescent lamp, television and transistor.
It is not just another technical achievement, and for the cardinal transformation of the living environment of people
with its light, color and information components. Today the LED project is a task in which employs hundreds of research laboratories and dozens of large transnational companies around the world, billions of investment and turnovers – a fact confirming the importance of the event.

Energy efficient benefits

Energy efficient benefits

LED have a very high energy conversion efficiency. Practically, this means conversion of 90% of energy consumption in light and only 10% in losses. In conventional lamps 9/10 by the energy is lost in heat loss. Statistics show that in cities consume about lighting and over 40% of all electricity produced, this high efficiency of LED is a real prerequisite for a significant reduction of energy losses.

-High efficacy – LED LIGHT possess exceptional efficiency of converting electrical energy into luminous flux (efficacy)
-Low cost – LED lamps reduce costs in personal, community, national and global level.

LED Main Benefits

The main advantages are:

Low power consumption
Long life of the LEDs, high reliability, ecological purity, any color, high efficacy, low energy costs, no meintenance.
Safety, mechanical resistance. Waterproof, working without heating, working in harsh conditions, simple operation, without optics/ reflectors, constant color, miniature size, fire-safety, autonomy and many others.

Intelligent Controller for LED street lighting fixture

Light Emitting Diode LED street lighting fixtures are equipped with intelligent microprocessor control unit (smart controller). This module controls the various parameters in a predetermined algorithm, thereby makes the LED lamp more efficient, more economical and more reliable.


  • Additional option in LED lamp: Allows passage of LED lamp mode of reduced consumption (eg 50) at a preset time (standby Green city). The time and intensity of light and the time of exit from this mode (full intensity) are programmed.
  • Additional option in LED lamp: Allows monitoring the brightness of the road surface and adjust the intensity of light of LED lamp, so brightness of the panel is constant regardless of ambient light.
  • Included in the main LED lamp: On each plate is a semiconductor factory-calibrated temperature sensor. The temperature regime of the LED light-emitting diodes is controlled by the microcontroller by a special algorithm. The presence of microcontroller prevents a full range of security algorithms (smooth start, temperature monitoring, control input voltage) and additional options, such as adjusting the intensity depending on the time of day or environmental visibility.
  • Включено в основната LED лампа: Следи работните часове на LED лампата и ги записва в енергонезависима памет. Информацията може да бъде прочетена в сервизен режим. 
  • Included in the main LED lamp: After working hours of LED lamp and saves it in non-volatile memory. The  information can be read in service mode.
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